June 6

Showing my writing

100% Me

My favourite family 20%

Exersise with netball 10%

Have to read everyday 15%

Can’t live without my friends 15%

Can be bossy sometimes 2%

Love sketching the earth 5%

Short, curly, browny blonde, hair 5%

Bedrooms a bit messy 5%

Absolutley can’t live with out playing with my dog 23%


Pantoum #1

Brave New World

New world

New people,

Lots of new things


New world,

New opportunities

Lots of new things,

To discover and make


New opportunities,

New lifestyle and jobs

To discover and make,

Lots of places and towns


New jobs and lifestyle,

To discover and make

New places and towns,

Brave New World


Pantoum #2

One or the other

Life is a hard decision,

With lots of life changing choices

Like what future you choose and want