March 11

Mr Mayor Fyffe


On Wednesday the 9th of march Mr Rod Fyffe came to school.  he talked to us about his job and we asked him some questions some people said? what is your job like? do you like your job? what is your favourite sport?

He said that hopefully some day we will be mayor and the way he talked any one would want to.

February 12

all about me

Photo on 12-02-2016 at 12.01 pm

I’m Daisy and this is my blog.

Hobbies; I love to make woolen string bracelets, and jump on the trampoline. When I’m making bracelets I relax and calm down. I also like to jump on the trampoline because I like to do flips and handstands.

My favourite subject at school is writing and reading. My favourite books are Alice-miranda, and Harry Potter. I also like to write narritives, persuasive, and poems. I like to write poems because it kind of like another way of expressing  my self.

My favourite sport is Netball. I play for a group called The Flames.  I like to [play in the positions goal attack and goal shooter. I love to play it because it’s a team sport and you have to work together otherwise you wont acheive your score.